A True Disciple is someone who wishes not only to grow in their relationship with Christ but also to be used by Christ as a way in which his value, care, compassion, healing, blessing and forgiveness can be shared with others …

1. Basic Catechetical Training (BCT)

The training is intended for the formation of new catechism teachers, mainly imparted during the month of May. Basic Catechetical Teachers` formation is given and the ongoing formation is emphasized. The quality of a catechetical formator is stressed in this training session. Only a spiritually oriented person can become a true faith formator.

2. Enlight

Class wise Formation of Catechists is a must for an effective catechesis. About 3410 teachers are trained in this category. The training consists in three ways. Introducing the texts of the different classes to the respective teachers, Supplying study aid materials and acquainting them with new catechetical methodologies.​

3. Assessment of the Catechetical Teachers:

Since 2015 an Exam is conducted to all the teachers of the Eparchy based on different ecclesial topics. This is to assess and evaluate the efficiency and expertise in their catechetical training as formators.​

4.Convention for Catechism Teachers (CREDO):​

Though previously started convention depending upon the times and needs, since 3 rd December2017 an eparchial wise convention (once in three years) was initiated in order to inform the Catechetical trainers/teachers/animators about the present situation of Church, families, and to evaluate the problems of the modern world in the eyes of faith. All the teachers are cordially invited for this faith experience which includes talks, discussions, Divine Liturgy, adoration and praise and worship.​

5. Blessing:​

It is a faith formation program for the 12 th Class students, consisting of 200 students for each session from at least 10 parishes for each time. The input sessions are mainly oriented to equip them for facing the realities of the world based on the Word of God and moral teachings of the Church.​

6. “Grace Fest” during Summer Vacations:

A new form of intensive catechism or Vishwasolsavam (Faith Fest) was introduced recently. A special theme is chosen for each year. Seminarians, Religious, Priests and Laity sit together to pray, to learn and to reflect on the chosen theme. And about 15 groups are formed to lead the Grace Fest in different parishes. The Grace Fest in each parish will be of three days, with the support of the parish priest and the concerned committees of the parish.​

7. Faith Lightning Ceremony for Plus Two Students:​

12 Years of Formation certainly is a memorable journey for each student. Twelve years ago parents came to the respective parishes to offer their children for the faith formation. Now they are receiving back their children. This ceremony is a symbolic and meaningful ceremony of 12 years faith formation experience of the students with their respective parish priests, teachers, students and parents, enabling and strengthening the young ones for confronting the day to day realities of the world. The students make their profession of faith with their parents publically.​

8. Catechism Calendar (Year Plan

The yearly activities are adequately narrated in the calendar which is a useful tool for planning and preparing oneself for the whole year in the realm of faith formation. The Parish catechetical team can arrange everything for their respective units according to the activities of the calendar for the smooth and graceful functioning of faith formation.​

9. Catechetical texts:​

The official text of Catechism for each class is prepared by the Catechetical Commission of the Syro Malabar Church.”Vachanam Ente Jeevan”- {Word is my life} is a text prepared by the Eparchial Catechism department. Subsidiary text books explaining the stories of saints are also introduced to the catechism students.​

10. Higher Certificate Course for Classes 11 and 12

The ordinary catechetical training for the 11 th and 12 th classes is on Sundays. But those who are unable to attend those regular classes, the eparchial Catechetical department offers regular evening Sunday classes in three regions; Mala, Irinjalakuda and Chalakudy, starting from 3.30pm to 5 pm and having the facility to participate in the Sunday Holy Qurbana in the respective regional /zonal parishes. And even those who are unable to attend the above said sessions, having very serious ,just and valid reasons for their absence to the above said sessions, are given chance to attend Crash Courses. These sessions are conducted on 6 holidays with previous notification. This course consists of Assignments, Recollection and an Annual Exam.​

11. Exams for Catechism students:​

Exams are conducted by online registration. Three sessions of Exams are arranged 1. Half Yearly 2. Annual 3. Scholarship​

12. Honoring the Students and Teachers​

On the Feast of Dukhrana i.e. 3 rd of July those who have achieved First, Second and third positions and all the rank holders in each class will be honored, at the eparchial level. Those who have attended the 12 years of faith formation without being absent for any class (full present) will be given special preamium.Those teachers who have served the catechetical department for 25 and 50 years are honored on this propitious occasion.

13. Manuscript Competition (Handwritten Magazine Competition)

Those who secure A grade for this competition will be given prizes on this august occasion. It is a work based on a chosen theme by each parish unit highlighting the theme in various artistic and literary expressions.

Bible Kalolsavam (Bible Fest) and Logos Quiz are conducted by the Department of Bible Apostolate with help and guidance of Catechetical Department.

14. Pastoral centre:

The offices of the various diocesan associations such as Vidyajyoti Bookstall, Christudarsan Communication Media, Justice Forum, Prathyasa, Bible Apostolate, Corporate Educational Agency, Sahrudaya Tech are functioning here at the Pastoral Centre directed coordinated by Vidyajyoti Pastoral Centre Director.

15. The present Statistics of Sunday Catechism

Total Units: 147
Total Students: 36144
Total Divisions: 2136
Total Catechetical Teachers: 3410
Catechetical Teachers –Laity: 2926
Catechetical Teachers: Rev. Sisters & Brothers: 484