The Beginning

The objective of the Catechetical Centre Act up in the Diocese of Irinjalakuda when it was newly formed in 1978 was to cherish and enrich the flame of faith and provide training to the young generation to grow in spiritual orientation, value foundation and the ways of the Church. Msgr. Rev. Joseph Kadambatt was appointed the first Catechetical Director of the Centre on 18th October, 1978. The activities of the initial phase were co-ordinated at B.L.M., Aloor and Providence Home, Irinjalakuda. The present 'Vidya Jyothi', the Diocean Catechetical and Pastoral Centre was elevated to the current status and blessed by the Bishop, Mar James Pazhayattil on 9th September, 1982 and is situated in the plot of land doanted by St. Thomas Cathedral Parish, Irinjalakuda, and performs for the formation and maturation of a truly Christian life through the active and efficient lifeline of faith-training. The ownership right of the property was transfered in the name of VidyaJyothi in 2004, as per Book I, No. 593 of the deed registered at the Sub treasury Office, Irinjalakuda, when Msgr. Rev. Sebastian Maliekal was the vicar of the St. Thomas Cathedral.


The Method of Governance

The programmes and activities of the Catechetical Centre are performed at three levels-Diocesan, forane and Parish. For the efficient discharge of these activities, Several innovative projects and programmes are planned and executed under the able guidance and efficient leadership of the Diocesan Catechetical Council comprising the Forane priests, Directors, Secretaries and the team of Animators, the Forane Catechetical Council and the Parish Catechetical Council. These are complemented by several new and unique activities organized in the spirit of total dedication, under the guidance of the Catechism Teachers and Parents Association, Representatives from various Religious Congregations and the Directors. The Services rendered by the respected sisters and the support staff of the centre is indeed praiseworhty. Rev. George Vezhaparambil is the current Director of the Centre.

In the initial years, the training imparted was as per the curricular of the K.C.B.C. Catechetical Commission, incorporating the ingredients essential for the formation of a christian individuality and faith-awareness. At present, 41, 234 students in 150 units are being trained in the Diocese as per the special curriculum introduced by the Syro-Malabar Church. 2450 trainors work in this Actor, and they include priests, Sisters and brothers from various seminaries as well as trained laiety. In order to effect the smooth discharge of the Catechetical exercise, from the year 1998 onwards, a 'Catechetical Diary' is prepared annually and the activities of the academic year are executed as per the plan of the Diary, by the organizers, tutors and the students in a concerted endeavour. For the sake of those plus one, plus Two scholars who are unable to attend the regular catechism classes due to serious and convincing reasons, from the year 2005 onwards, private registration is offered for imparting training in faith-formation.


There are eight subtexts on the 'life of saints' published by the Centre that provide inspiration for the students.


Under the auspices of the Centre, Mid-term, Annual examinations, Bible Quiz, Scholarship Examinations etc. are conducted regularly. In order to murture the artistic, literary and creative talents of the students, competitions in manuscript writing, Bible Fest, and other programmes are also conducted annually. Some of the inspirational factors that contribute to training and retraining good, virtuous teachers in the field of faith-formation include three-day foundation training classes for the fresh teachers called BCT ( ) the 'Gurudarsan' retreat programmes conducted in two batches annually for the spiritual renovation of the tutors, the Talent examinations that enable to grow in the depth of knowledge and wisdom, the training programme held class-wise for the teachers and the awards and recognitious instituted for teachers who have completed 25 and 50 years in the catechetical field.


Book Stall

Catechism Books, Books of religious knowledge books of contemporary relevance class texts, religious articles and objects etc. are made available for the faithful at reasonable rates in the Book Stall that functions at the entrance to the Centre.


There is an opportunity for institutions and catechetical units to purchase good, ethical books at, moderate prices during the 'Book Fest' held every year in the month of December.


Silver Jubilee

Silver Jubilee celebrations of the Centre conducted from 20 May 2007 to 01 December, 2008 was a memorable occasion, projecting innovative programmes for the future, remembering with gratitude the blessings of the past and evaluating the successes and the short earnings till date. The project called 'Kaarunyanidhi', the practical reflection of the motto 'Glimpse of the Guru for Acts of Philauthropy -Kpcp-ZÀi\w Poh-Im-cp-Wy-¯n-\vþ was launched as the Jubilee Memorial with the aim of assisting the Catechism teachers. 'VidyaJyothi' exists today bibing the dreams for the faith-formation of future generations, auticipating the revolutionary possibilites of the retraining measures, enflaming the lantern of faith from the successes of the bygone days. The Pastoral Centre functions affiliated to and in coordination with the 'Vidya Jyothi'.


Pastoral Centre

From the beginning onwards, the corporate Educational Agency Office of the Diocese of Irinjalakuda has been functioning here at the Centre. The offices of the various diocesan associations such as CLC, CYM, St. Vincent Depaul forum, Legian of Mary, the Congregation of the tranciscan Laiety, Catholic Labour Association, Communication Media, Justice forum Prathyasa, Bible Apostolate etc. are situated here. The Social Action Forum and Social Forum also functioned here until it was shifted to the newly constructed building.